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Chapter No. 023 O.E.S.


This is the WebPage of Rainbow Ladies OES Chapter No. 023 of Spartanburg, SC.  We began our sisterhood on May 28, 1998 in a very moving ceremony.  I am Janet M. Walker, Worthy Matron of this chapter of wonderful and diverse ladies.  We meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month.  We are members of Federated Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Inc.  We reside in the State of South Carolina and are Scottish Rite affiliated.  We have as a sister chapter, Fire Opal of Spartanburg, SC, our collegiate chapter.  When you have an opportunity, please visit their website. 


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Federated Ancient Free & Accepted Masons, Inc., was organized in Macon, Georgia in 1996 as the idea of our Supreme Sovereign Grand Master and Matron, Robert & Edwina Williams.  They envisioned an organization that would utilize the Masonic skills of experienced Masons and Stars to introduce the country to the wonderful world of Free Masonry.

Federated Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Inc., has a national system of government.  The national headquarters is located in Macon, Georgia.

Federated Ancient Free & Accepted Masons, Inc, does not discriminate against race, creed, color or disability.   As it was then, as it is now , all that is asked is you believe in a Supreme Being.

As you can see, we are under construction and I learning how to design a web page.  This is my first attempt.  So please be patience and overlook our appearance.


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My Native American Homepage

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My Son's Homepage

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My Daughter's Eastern Star Page


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